Andy Kaufman wrestling a 327 pound woman next to a Los Angeles inground pool | My grandma purposely going off her Prozac when she wanted to tell someone how she really felt | Brooklyn drag queen Thorgy Thor commenting on her fellow sister, Acid Betty, stating, “Sometimes Betty is so artistic…she gets away with being a fucking asshole.” | My dad refusing to call his wig a toupee, rather, a “hair unit” | Anna Nicole Smith’s Trimspa commercials | Vince McMahon | Martha Stewart leaving prison in a knitted poncho on a private jet | Reader’s Digest referring to the first mainstream antidepressant, Miltown, as a “Turkish bath in a tablet” in 1955 | Salvador Dali getting paid $35,000 to create an installation that captured the effects of Miltown, to be on display at an American Medical Association conference. Said piece was a massive dark tunnel, similar to the inside of a caterpillar, that lead attendees to an illuminated space as a “butterfly of tranquility.” | Joseph Beuys | Daniel Day-Lewis | Watching people tailgate at Jimmy Buffett concerts | Charles Nelson Reilly’s button-downs he wore on Match Game | My aunt wearing bright orange tiger Band-Aids on her breasts under a white bathing suit in hopes they would stop her nipples from showing – they did, but seeing tigers appear was a surprise | Lawn gnomes | Guatemalan worry dolls | Growing up in a pink house | Having braces for eight years | Ye | Nathan Fielder | My Emily Dickinson and Kim Kardashian’s Selfish | Roland Barthes' The World of Wrestling | Sitting in front of the TV while stripping my dog’s hair out of its back to get it show-ready | Big Mouth Billy Bass | Prescription psoriasis ointment | The Tao of Pooh | Bret Michaels’ hair extensions | Meeting my favorite contestant from Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love in the Northstar Cafe. She moved to Columbus to pursue a real estate career. | Missy Elliott |My mom reading me The Hobyahs, an old European folk tale about kidnapping, while on Ambien | Making my Christmas tree Frank Sinatra themed in 8th grade | Mystery Science Theater 3000 | Christopher Guest | My friend’s grandma moving to a different church pew because a man in shorts sat next to her | Tom Waits singing “Chocolate Jesus” through a megaphone on David Letterman while tossing confetti